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The good, the bad and the ugly of the Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning!

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If you run a commercial kitchen, then this is a MUST READ for you!

As a service provider of cleaning of the kitchen exhaust hood system in the food industry, we come across a lot of customers who do not have any idea about the importance of clean filters and a lot of our time is spent educating them about the greasy kitchen exhaust system cleaning regimes, for the exhaust system parts that they can do. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners did not know what was required to do and what was involved in a cleaning process. Perhaps which could be the reason why their kitchen hoods get dirty in less than a few months, the previous kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company did not really follow the protocols. So, here is a small read for you.

We all know that a kitchen’s exhaust system is designed to drive out all the greasy heavy smoke and smells. So, if these extracts are not cleaned timely and properly, the potential “ugly” acts may follow:

1- The fumes that are extracted out, carry grease with them that builds up inside the parts of the kitchen’s exhaust hood system, like filters, hoods, extractor fan etc.

2- It is important to understand that grease is a highly flammable danger that the cooks play with all the time in the kitchen while cooking because it is also responsible for most fires caused inside the kitchen restaurants.

3- Moreover, the greasy, dirty kitchen exhaust systems also force the fan to push harder which can result in:

I- Under-performance eventually leading to more problems

II- Consumption of extra energy and higher energy bills

III- Shortened lifespan than it was supposedly made to last

IV- Contamination of food

V- Catching fire

VI- Creating unpleasant smells due to inadequate ventilation

Although it may seem a nuisance, but you should have your kitchen exhaust system professionally cleaned if:

1- It has not been cleaned in at least 4-6 months

2- If you often fry food or grill meat

3- If it is visibly dirty or trained

4- If there is an unpleasant odor exuding from it

In addition to that, apart from being a fire hazard, grease inside the kitchen exhaust system also generates contamination or proliferation of diseases, mold or bacteria in the air, which can not only make the cooks and chefs ill, but they may also sit on the food and make your customers ill, which could leave you in a bad position. Therefore, only by carrying out the cleaning of the kitchen hood’s exhaust system cleaning, can the restaurant owner avoid these threats and it is their responsibility to make sure that the kitchen exhaust hood is cleaned thoroughly and properly. It is a dirty yet most crucial task which should be left to be cleaned by professionals as there are no shortcuts for cleaning it.

THE BAD: Bogus Cleans

As exaggerated as it may sound, routine kitchen hood cleaning is the most important service performed in commercial kitchens. A proper hood cleaning is carried out professionally and according to the schedule. We understand that the facility’s personnel or restaurant managers and owners may not be available during the cleaning, however, you can rely on Grease Busters to make sure the cleans are done correctly. We do not take a single cleaning job for granted. All kitchens are the same for us, they will have all our attention to details no matter how big or small or dirty they are.

In general, as a rule of thumb, any kitchen exhaust system cleaning service providers should always provide their clients reports showing the before and after cleaning photos. Other than that, Grease Busters also provides observations and recommendations that we may find may prove necessary for your system (i.e. inaccessible areas). We also provide in-depth reports and certificates of completion, which could be passed on to the insurance representatives, and other jurisdiction authorities.

Oftentimes when our clients hire our services for the cleaning of the kitchen exhaust hood system, before we start with our own cleaning, to take pre- and post-cleaning service pictures, we are usually greeted by a nasty surprise, which is very dirty and grimy kitchen exhaust hood system. The restaurant managers’ common response to seeing it is always, “But we had the hoods cleaned not long ago!” So, we dig deeper and find the same situation or even worse on the inside too and when that is the case, unfortunately it means that the previous kitchen exhaust hood cleaners only cleaned the areas that were visible to your eyes, which leads the clients to believe that they did their job perfectly.

When the clients showed their past reports, we found some shocking surprises. We found out that their past contractors had used old photos repeatedly and even some photos were not of their own kitchen exhaust system from the inside! The photos were totally unrelated to their business and the sad truth is that the kitchen owners and managers are often tricked by unprofessional exhaust hood system cleaning service contractors or companies. They clean one part of the kitchen exhaust and provide a certificate and some random pictures and fool their clients that their work is in compliance with the local law authorities and insurance companies.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you should know that a proper cleaning of the kitchen exhaust hood system should include of the following parts of the system:

1- Exhaust Fans

2- Ducts on the inside

3- Hood Plenums or the area behind the filters

4- Interior of the Hoods

5- Grease Trays

6- Grease Filters

7- Access Panels, if there are any.

THE GOOD: All Hope Is not Lost

Being a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service provider company, we know that finding kitchen hood cleaning companies, like Grease Busters, that really understand and follow the correct guidelines of local law authorities are rare. This is the reason as to why the more you know and understand what is needed and correct; the better you can select the right company. The right kitchen exhaust hood cleaning contractor will provide a proper professional service. Additionally, the fact remains that, do not just go with the cheapest service providers but professionals. We are revolutionizing every day, to help you mitigate the build-up of the grease, according to the government and health department regulations in a cost-saving and environment-friendly way, without cheating you.

Our word is our bond. You do not have to be our client to get answers. If you have further concerns, reach out to us on our website and we are ready to help you.

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