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Kitchen Filter Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust system’s filters are designed to suck and remove all the smoke and grease so that the air inside the kitchen remains clean and light. Without a proper functioning of these hoods, grease and other matter that is sucked up by the exhaust inside the hood would get collected and become an immediate potential fire threat. Without these hood filters, grease, particulate matter in smoke and other types of debris would build up in the air ducts and become a fire hazard. Kitchen hood filters are very important especially for commercial kitchens. Filter is the main component of having a proper functioning kitchen hood. According to Malaysian Fire Protection Association (MFPA), all commercial kitchens are required to install hood filters because these associations and organisations know the importance of having them in order to not only improve a kitchen’s air quality but also help to avoid kitchen fires. If left uncleaned, the air inside the kitchens will not be able to ventilate properly, which increases the energy costs since the kitchen exhaust system will not have to work as hard. For more information on the importance of clean kitchen filters, visit our blogs section.

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