Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Malaysia

Kitchen Duct/Exhaust Cleaning

When you are cooking anything that is prepared in your kitchen, it produces smoke, grease and heat. If regular cleaning is not undertaken, fats, oily deposits and particles can accumulate in your kitchen exhaust system. This will reduce the air flow and produce a warm greasy environment for bacteria and cockroaches to breed.

If regular cleaning is not undertaken, fats, oily deposits and fibrous particles can accumulate in kitchen extract systems, reducing air flow efficiency and producing a warm greasy environment for bacteria and cockroaches to breed.

These areas, if not professionally maintained, can quickly become a fire risk and can be a major cause of the spread of fire in your establishments. Under certain circumstances flame or very high temperatures can ignite the grease causing fire to spread rapidly through the duct. Therefore, it is of importance that kitchen exhaust system are regularly inspected and cleaned as required, to ensure they do not pose a major potential fire risk at any time.



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A lot of smoke, heat, and grease is produced whenever you cook anything in your kitchen. If the exhaust system in your kitchen is not inspected, maintained and cleaned regularly it can lead to several harmful scenarios.

Grease Buster offers kitchen exhaust system cleaning in Malaysia so that your kitchen stays clean and hygienic always.

Harmful Effects Of Not Maintaining A Clean Kitchen Exhaust System

  • The grease and other oily deposits will get accumulated in the exhaust system of your kitchen.
  • A warm and greasy environment in the kitchen is created where the harmful bacteria and cockroaches can breed and thrive.
  • The kitchen extract systems will get clogged with oily fats and fibrous materials and lower the air flow efficiency.
  • In severe cases, a fire breakout can be very hazardous as the grease accumulated would accelerate the fire and spread it further.
  • The warm temperature inside the kitchen can even ignite the grease and initiate a fire in the duct.

With the help of Grease Buster’s kitchen exhaust system cleaning services in Malaysia, all these unwanted scenarios can be avoided to a great extent. We use only the best tools and equipment while carrying out the kitchen duct cleaning in Malaysia.

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