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Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust fans have one of the most important jobs in your commercial kitchen. These mechanical fans keep our kitchen air clean, reducing greasy build-up around the area and maintaining employee comfort. Because they are working to remove and filter air, these fans require regular cleaning and maintenance. This component of the kitchen exhaust system works hard in the background and yet, is easily forgotten. Kitchen exhaust fans have the heavy-duty job of removing impurities and moisture from the air in a commercial kitchen. The hood serves to capture dirty, moist air. Meanwhile, the fan inside extracts this air and moves it away from the kitchen and outside. In a kitchen setting where cooking is constant, this action removes:

  • Steam from boiling water and simmering foods
  • Strong cooking odours
  • Smoke
  • Grease or fat particles
  • Harmful vapours and pollutants
  • Excess heat, which is especially helpful in the warmer months or warmer climate areas

Removing air pollutants, steam and heat makes it easier to cook in the kitchen. Lighter air in a busy commercial kitchen is only possible by hard-working fans. Removing grease particles and humidity from the air is critical to maintaining a clean environment and properly functioning equipment. Thick, sticky grease build-up is difficult to clean when it settles on and clings to other pieces of equipment. It can block airflow in other appliances and make the kitchen look unsanitary. Well-maintained and timely cleaned exhaust fans do far more than just remove odour. They can also help keep air conditioning costs down as it prevents heat from collecting inside the kitchen. The fan blades of the kitchen exhaust unit also need to be carefully cleaned as well. All of the dirty air that is sucked from the cooking area passes over these blades. The filters do a good job catching the bulk of the particles, but they cannot filter everything. Exhaust fans work hard to remove the junk from the air in your commercial kitchen. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your kitchen exhaust fans will ensure that your kitchen stays cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

You can check out our clog for more information on the importance of having your exhaust fans inside the kitchen hood cleaned or give us a call today.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

Kitchen exhaust fans are the most important element of every kitchen in order to maintain the hygiene of the food and safety in the kitchen; especially it is a commercial one. When we install an exhaust fan in our commercial kitchen, the other major task is to maintain and keep it clean, because a grease residue on the exhaust can cause fire and immense damage to the kitchen. Especially when it comes to the commercial kitchens, it is mandatory to get the exhaust fans cleaned time to time in order to pass the fire code inspection.

Getting your kitchen fan cleaned doesn’t only help you to pass the inspection but also helps in other ways, such as keeping your kitchen clean and safe of course. A clean exhaust fan shows that you do care about the health of your customers and make sure that the food served is hygienic enough. It is very risky for your kitchen to leave the exhaust fan dirty for long as the vapours of the grease collect at the fan when you cook, which can easily ignite because of the high temperatures and can burn your kitchen which you never want in any case. This is the reason why the employees at the commercial kitchens are specially trained to wipe and maintain the cleanliness in the kitchen to avoid any such issue, but still, it is very important to schedule the professional cleaning at the right time, because the professionals have the years of experience and clean your exhaust fan thoroughly with the professional tools. Grease Buster are ready to serve you for professional exhaust and duct cleaning services. We have the experience and qualification for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Malaysia.

For us, commercial cleaning is our main objective. Our staff is trained to handle the cleaning job professionally. We never let your safety at risk. This is why we are working tirelessly 24/7 to keep you safe and your commercial kitchen hygienic. We understand what it takes to clean a commercial kitchen and our kitchen exhaust cleaning services are ideally meant for your safety. We are operating with a team of trained professionals that comes to your place whenever you give us a call. We also take pride in delivering our customers with the best cleaning experience.

So, if you’re concerned about the safety of your place and the health of your customers, get your exhaust cleaned with the finest Kitchen Exhaust cleaning service In Malaysia. Count on us and book our services now.