A broken or worn fan belt is one of the most common reasons why kitchen exhaust system doesn’t work properly. Regrettably many restaurants forget to change their fan belts regularly. A broken fan belt may not only cause the kitchen to be excessively hot, but it can create a safety hazard. Not maintaining this seemingly small part can shut down your restaurant and lead to losses.

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One of the major reasons for your kitchen exhaust system not functioning properly is the worn or broken fan belt. Many of the restaurants overlook this factor and often forget to change the fan belts.

Repercussions of A Damaged Fan Belt

  • A damaged fan belt can make the kitchen’s environment too hot which may lead to several safety hazards.
  • If the fan belt in your kitchen exhaust system is causing malfunctioning of the entire exhaust system, your restaurant can shut down and you might even incur additional losses.

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