We have learned that if you can’t visibly see the area your trying to clean then you can’t properly clean or verify the cleanliness of those hard to access areas. That is why kitchen exhaust duct and fan access panels are critical for preventing kitchen fires.

Access panel are very important as it only takes a little grease build up to cause the fan to have loud noise and vibrations that generally are costly to repair

  • It is also the Law! NFPA 96 Code 7.3.1 says “openings shall be provided at the sides or at the top of the duct, whichever is more accessible, and at a change of direction”. Code and says “on horizontal ducts, at least one opening shall be provided for personnel entry” and “where personnel entry is not possible, openings large enough to permit thorough cleaning shall be provided at 12 ft intervals”.

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There are many hard to reach areas in the kitchen which are not visible to us properly. When you cannot visibly see these areas, efficient cleaning, and maintenance of these areas become very difficult.

This can ultimately lead to accumulation of grease and fatty oils which can ignite a fire. This is why the installation of a kitchen exhaust duct and the fan access panel is very critical in preventing the build-up of fire in your kitchen.

Worry not! Our experts know the exact specifications to be taken care of while installing an access panel to avoid unnecessary additional costs in the long run.

What the Law States

  • According to the legal NFPA 96 Code 7.3.1, the openings have to be provided at either the top of the duct or at the sides according to whichever area is more accessible to clean and maintain.
  • According to the legal NFPA 96 Code and, at least one opening has to be provided for personal entry in horizontal ducts and if in any area personal entry is not feasible, large openings which are large enough to ensure proper cleaning has to be provided at every 12 ft.

This is where Grease Busters come into the picture! We adhere to all these specifications and make the access panel installations accordingly to make the cleaning and maintenance of those hard to reach areas easy and convenient.