The Importance of Getting Exhaust System’s Ducts Cleaned
02th Mar 2019

The most critical and crucial component of maintaining a successful kitchen business is taking care of your machinery, environment, and its cleanliness. You watch over your equipment; it watches over you. Here are just a few of the many benefits of regularly getting your exhaust system's ducts cleaned to ensure hygiene as well as safety.

4 Things a Restaurant Owner Should Know about Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
01th Mar 2019

Now that you own a restaurant, you must have realized it's not as easy as you thought it would be. You don't get free food (you're paying for everything), you can't just open the fridge and eat all the chocolate cream you want. No. It might have killed the dream you have had since you were 9, but you have to admit owning a restaurant is fun. You must also know by now that there are still things you need to learn, always.

4 Benefits of Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
28th Feb 2019

You want to open up a restaurant, and you've been checking the requirements for your kitchen. You're afraid you're going over budget, so you start cutting costs. You look at the words "exhaust system" and think of all the trouble you will have to endure to keep it clean, but you think of how necessary it is. You think okay fine, we'll just clean it once a year or something. No. You need to stop right there.

How Often Should You Clean Your Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood?
11th Jan 2019

The kitchen in your restaurant is the king's room, it must be looked after, cleaned, and make anyone who sees it go 'wow.' Just like a king, his room needs high maintenance. If your kitchen isn’t spotless, the customers are sure to raise questions and eventually you will lose them if the health inspector doesn’t catch you before. The ventilation system is an integral part of your restaurant kitchen and cleaning it can be tiresome, but you have to do it.