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How Often Should You Clean Your Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood?

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The kitchen in your restaurant is the king’s room, it must be looked after, cleaned, and make anyone who sees it go ‘wow.’ Just like a king, his room needs high maintenance. If your kitchen isn’t spotless, the customers are sure to raise questions and eventually you will lose them if the health inspector doesn’t catch you before. The ventilation system is an integral part of your restaurant kitchen and cleaning it can be tiresome, but you have to do it.

What Does the Ventilation System do?

The ventilation system is supposed to maintain a fresh balance air and the one that is taken away. It offers built-in fire suppression abilities to keep the workspace, and everyone in it safe ventilating a commercial kitchen can be very complicated. Air must move through ductwork swiftly and effectively.

The Battle with Space

The equipment must be arranged in such a way that it does not take a lot of space since, in a commercial kitchen, space is already a struggle; you need different working stations, a place to store clean dishes a place to set the orders and a place for the workers to move around without bumping into one another.

A kitchen exhaust system is supposed to take away contaminates in the air by pulling them out through an exhaust fan. As soon as the contaminates are removed, fresh air from the outside comes inside.

When to Clean the Hood

The significant parts of a ventilation system include a fan, an exhaust hood, and ductwork. To prevent your kitchen from catching fire because of grease, you must make sure that you clean your kitchen hood exhaust system to fire code standards regularly.

To satisfy your insurance company, health departments, fire inspectors, your exhaust system must be consistently inspected and cleaned. The amount of cleaning required varies with some factors for example how much your restaurant is in use.

If you’re a big restaurant that gets hundreds of customers a day then, yes, you are required to clean your oven hood more often than a less busy one. But it also depends on the type of food you serve, for example, a fast food restaurant will need to clean its exhaust hood more than a Chinese restaurant just like a barbeque restaurant would clean its exhaust more often than a Thai food restaurant.

It also depends on the type of stove you use; If you’re working on charcoal-burning stoves or wood-burning, you should have to clean every month, or you should also clean every two weeks.

Here are some examples of how often you should try cleaning depending on certain factors:

  • Average restaurants – 90-day cleaning requirement
  • Fast food restaurants – 30-day cleaning requirement
  • Oven hoods – 180-day cleaning requirement
  • Hoods over non-greasy appliances – 1-year cleaning requirement

Clean it Right

You must also know the right way to clean your exhaust hood; if it’s made of stainless steel, then you must use warm soapy water if it’s vinyl or plastic try an all-purpose cleaner, but you can also use soapy water, for copper hoods buy a copper cleaner. And remember, cleaning the outside is almost as important as the inside for a clean kitchen and will raise worker motivation.

Now that you know all there is to know about your exhaust hood grab your cleaning appliances and go, go, go!

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