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Do not Let Companies Cheat You with Their Fake Licenses

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Getting “cheated” by errant retailers can be a frightening experience. Those who are willing to commit fraud do not discriminate. It can happen in large or small companies in any industry and any country. Lying to the public or one’s clients about the licenses or the methods and solutions used; all are considered an occupational fraud that could result in huge financial loss, legal costs, and ruined reputation that can ultimately lead to the downfall of any organization. We at Grease Busters, know that hence why, we follow through with the policies and enforce the noted steps. The cost of preventing fraudulent companies with their fake licenses would be less expensive to your valuable business than the cost of the fraud that gets committed. Grease Busters has been working in the business world for years and we know the importance of being ethical. We understand that when a company builds an ethical business, it gains the respect of the public, avoid bad press, and establish goodwill with its customers.

However, in one outrageous case, one such company took advantage of their customers in a way that was so blatant, you can barely believe they tried it. According to our client, the other Kitchen Hood Exhaust System Cleaning company claimed to have a license with NFPA. Whereas NFPA is just a nonprofit international organization with about 50,000 members that simply offers memberships, but no licenses or proof of authenticity of any sort. NFPA focuses and works hard on issuing guidelines and safety measures for the kitchens, industries and people dealing with fire services or businesses. The association does not give any licenses to give any authentication for any kitchen exhaust cleaning system. Unfortunately, since our clients and population in general are not aware about this information, certain companies take advantage and claim to be professionals and showing their clients fake licenses. However, still not every bad experience with an errant retailer gives rise to a prosecutable offence of “cheating” within the meaning of Penal Code. It is not always easy to be patient and prove fraudulent and dishonest intention on the part of the seller. Hence, at Grease Busters, we believe that the court of public opinion may be the most influential of all. If you tell your friends about a negative experience and they tell their friends, then before long, the wrath of a company’s customers will be brought to bear on an ethically challenged company.

What should you do before hire a company for their services?

Before buying or hiring a company’s certain service, make sure you ask them everything that you need to know in black and white. Look for the reviews, check their social media posts daily and know what services you are buying from them and why you should go hire them. Our team at Grease Busters know our job in detail, we train our technicians regularly and inform them about any new laws being enforced and even introduce new machines to use for best performance and thorough cleanliness. We Do not Cheat Our Clients with Fake Licenses. Our friendly customer service will also answer any query that you may have as our client. We educate all our employees about our services and machines and products that we use and how we do it. We also provide our proposal and guide about our work and our company via email to our new clients. We know that a necessity for running an ethical business is not to be deceitful towards our customers. We make sure that our solutions and the equipment we use is of top-quality grade. This is the reason why most of our clients are all referral based. Just like you refer a great movie or book to your friends and family members. If our clients want us to keep their information, pictures, and name confidential, we do so too because we understand that confidentiality is a necessary measure for some companies, and we respect that.

What Would you Expect from Grease Busters?

Everyone has certain expectations when they are looking for someone who sells what they are looking for. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who is visiting your website for the first time or walking into your store and deciding what they think about what they see or can’t see. If you were your customer, would you be impressed? Would you need more information? Time and time again, one of the best ways to optimize your business is to learn, intimately, how it is to be your own customer. You can use this perspective to understand what your customer’s experience feels like, and whether you are transparent enough.

Valuable lessons that Grease Busters learnt from its Clients

We have learnt best from our clients. We all know that a restaurant is one of the stark models for business. Their customers are unforgiving, competition is fierce, and there is no hiding behind marketing tactics—the food, ambiance, location, cleanliness, and other factors make it either good, or not. They do not even try to hide anything because they understand this, which is why you see things like detailed descriptions of the ingredients in each dish, or an open viewing window into the kitchen. And metaphorically speaking, even though we are not the same business, however, we still learnt from our own clients and ended up opening a viewing window for the public to see what we do and how we do it.

Grease Busters build trust with its customers as well as the greater public

In the spirit of establishing trust with your customer, we are not afraid to reveal exactly what products and equipment we use, how our services are carried out, and show the proof of the work that we do. We follow the same trend of contemporary restaurants that provide customers a detailed description of where meat and produce is farmed—and even how the animals were treated before they landed on your plate— we want to inspire trust by disclosing the similar kind of background too to our clients. We learnt that one of the best ways to optimize our services is to learn, by being our own clients, to understand what our customer’s experience feels like, and whether it is good enough.

We understand the underlying idea that to be transparent, everything about the way one does business has to be clear. If, as a business owner, one is not proud of how they operate or why exactly certain steps need to be followed and what products to be used and when and how and need to lie to their clients, then transparency is not really an option. For us, being ethical is more than a college course. We merge quality and efficiency with genuine investment, not only financially but our time and hearts, for the needs of our customers. Do not get cheated or fooled by companies with fake licenses and no understanding about the international organizations and their existence. We are ready to listen to you and share our knowledge with you and guide you even with your concerns regarding your kitchen exhaust system.

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